Looking for images and media from our Trail Days and various CMBTA events?

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Black Tower Trail Day - November 21, 2021

Digging drainage and moving dirt on a very wet Black Tower.

Sprockids Rake and Clear Trail Day - February 6, 2022

A big turnout for raking and clearing out the Sprockids trail network!

West Sechelt Trail Day - February 27, 2022

Trail drainage and rebuild for Parbac, Beaver Pond, and Sniper

Mach Chicken Trail Day - March 26, 2022

An early season facelift for one of the Coast's favourite trails.

West Sechelt Trail Day - DD - April 23, 2022

cleaning and rebuilding. Smiles and gold dirt everywhere.

Sprockids Trail Day - Fuzzy Hugs- May 29, 2022

New features, berms, entrances, sunshine, and a whole lot of smiling faces.

Janet's Jungle Trail Day - September 25, 2022

polishing and repairing trails with a great turnout!

Trailfest Wagonroad Trail Day - October 23, 2022

Pruning and drainage for an old classic

Sprockids Windstorm Cleanup Trail Day - November 27, 2022

Cleanup and rebuilds after some serious windstorm damage

Sprockids Trail Day - January 29, 2023

Fun in the sun on a chilly January Sunday morning

West Sechelt Trail Day - February 19, 2023

Great day for a facelift on Sniper, Addernach, and Eline.

DNZ/2001/Pacheco Trail Day - March 26, 2023

Working on some classics on a sunny Spring day

Sprockids Trail Day - January 28, 2024

A Winter facelift for Sprockids classics