June 7, 2021

June 2021 Newsletter

June 2021 Newsletter

Hello mountain bikers of the Sunshine Coast!

You can probably see it’s been a while since our last newsletter, so we’ve got a fair bit to cover.  So let’s get to it!  

Board of Directors Names and Changes

Our board of directors remains mostly unchanged, however we do have some fresh faces on our board!

Meet the new directors:

Aaron Joe:

I have been Mountain Biking for about 20 years and really enjoy what benefits I get from being connected to our Swiya” (Our backyard.)

I am excited to become more involved in our mountain biking community so I am applying to be a director for CMBTA. 

I am a member of the Sechelt First Nation and believe I can make a meaningful contribution to our community as a whole. I am the owner of Salish soils, Salish Resources and Tymax Industries which are Recycling and Natural resources based businesses here on the sunshine coast. I am quite involved in the management of the Territory through my work as an entrepreneur.

Adam Silver:

As with so many folks here, I’ve been mountain biking for the greater part of my adult life and I love the sport.  Throughout my time mountain biking I have done both trail work and volunteer media work with trail associations in the Lower Mainland including TORCA and the NSMBA.

Professionally, I work from home as a learning designer and media content creator/consultant.  I’ve been editing and creating video/animation/audio/music for 15+ years in a professional setting and am looking forward to applying some of those skills to helping build communications and social media for the CMBTA.

Board Members:

President- Warren Hansen

Vice President- Kalan Comba

Secretary- Meghan Molnar

Treasurer- Mandy Scorrar

Directors at Large:

Dale Sapach

Chris Glew

Chris Allen

Tom Harder

Charles Braden

Adam Silver

Aaron Joe

Membership Renewals

It’s that time of year again!  Since many of our members initially have signed up in the Summer riding months many memberships are coming up for renewal in the coming months.  Membership is the bread and butter of the CMBTA and we need to keep our numbers strong to keep our trails the best they can be, so please make sure to renew your CMBTA memberships!

B&K Spring Cleanup Project

Old Motorhome at the base of the B&K trail network being towed away
Old Motorhome at the base of the B&K trail network being towed away

Those of you who ride the B&K trails in Robert's Creek probably know where the old broken motorhome under the power lines has been sitting for a few years now.  Both the trails we ride and the environments we impact are important to us, so when we got the chance to clean up a long standing sore spot on our trail network we jumped on it.

After a very successful GoFundMe campaign put together by member and friend Tim Howard (that reached our funding goal in under 24 hours!), and community help from Coast Bin Rentals and CMBTA volunteers on site, the motorhome was removed and towed away, and the surrounding area was cleaned up. All remaining funding raised by the campaign was donated directly to the CMBTA.

Trailforks Reporting

Image of Trailforks Reporting Feature Header

The CMBTA is actively monitoring trail reports using the Trailforks app.  Our trail building team needs eyes on the trails so if you see a downed tree or other major obstruction on a trail, or even just a specific area you notice could use some attention, we encourage you to use the trail report functionality in the app to let us know!

To find out how to submit reports from the Trailforks app check out instructions right here.

Dangerous Snag Cleanup in Sprockids

Crews from Wildfire BC remove dangerous trees from the Sprockids trail network
Crews from Wildfire BC remove dangerous trees from the Sprockids trail network

In late April, Wildfire BC completed the removal of several dangerous snags (trees that are typically dead or dying, and likely to cause a major fire escalation) within the Sprockids trail system.  Big thanks to Wildfire BC for being proactive with our riding spaces and to the CMBTA volunteers who helped manage trail traffic while the work was being done in the area.

CMBTA Membership Survey

The first part of our CMBTA Membership Survey was released in May as a primary tool for us to solidify a plan for the future of the Lower Sunshine Coast trail network.  This is the first of two surveys we will be releasing, this one covering basic metrics such as how often and where our membership rides.  The second survey will be released later in the Summer and will dig deeper into the membership’s thoughts and opinions on the future of our trails.

As a bonus, everyone who completes it will be entered into a raffle for some great prizes donated by our friends over at Jack Wolfskin Outdoor Apparel and Equipment!  So if you haven’t yet had a chance to fill out the survey, head on over and take a couple of minutes to complete it.  

Trail Work Updates

2021 Trail day Kickoff

Probably our most frequently asked question these days: When are we going to be hosting more Trail Days!?

Well, good news. As vaccination rates continue to increase, the province will be loosening the social gathering restrictions after June 15th.  Stay tuned to CMBTA social media, email, and website announcements for trail day updates including when our next trail day is planned.  In the meantime, thank you to all of those trail fairies out there raking, brushing and digging making our Sunshine Coast trails second to none!