June 10, 2020

Member Q&A on the Endless Biking Tenure Application

Member Q&A on the Endless Biking Tenure Application

This communication was sent via email to all current CMBTA members in May.

Dear Members,

The CMBTA Board wants to make better communication with our members a top priority going forward. Through a newsletter, and one-off messages (like this one), we will do our best to keep you informed of what we are working on and anything else that may affect your trails.  

Over the course of the past couple of weeks, we have received numerous questions re: Endless Biking's tenure application. We, as a board, are still reviewing the application and working on our public comment. In the meantime, we have provided responses to some of your questions regarding this application. We hope this information will allow our members to form their own opinion on this application. 

Please see below for some of the Q & A: 

Q:  Is CMBTA aware of this application? 

A: Yes, we are aware of this application. The board is currently reviewing the application and will provide public comment. 


Q: Who is Endless Biking? 

A: Endless biking was established 16 years ago. They are members of the official Mountain Bike Operators Association of BC, and volunteer Directors in the PMBIA as well as annual corporate Members of NSMBA, SORCA, WORCA, FVMBA, NCC, CTS. The company is co-owned by Darren Butler and Kelli Sherbinin and offers lessons, rentals, tours and training. 


Q: Where can I find more information on the application?

A: More information can be found at: 


Crown Land File: 2412092

Q: How do I comment on this application? 

A: Commenting on the application takes place through The Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations & Rural Development  (FLNRORD). Commenting is open until June 6th, and can be found at the link in previous question. 


Q: Why are they applying now?

A: The tenure application started over 10 years ago. Because it covers multiple jurisdictions and involves many layers of government it has taken this long to get to this point. 


Q: Would this tenure allow Endless Biking to restrict who uses the trails on the Sunshine Coast? Could they charge other users to ride the trails that we’ve always had free access to?

A: No. The application does not involve any exclusivity, nor could it ever be granted. Endless Biking would not be able to charge money to ride public trails, they are on public land and would continue with same status they have today.

Q: What is it that they are actually applying for?

A: Endless Biking is applying to have permission to operate on Crown Land to provide some small skills clinics for Sunshine Coast riders, run PMBIA Instructor Training courses (also for Sunshine Coast riders) or perhaps some Youth Development programs.


Q: What about tours? Does the tenure allow them to provide tours on our trails? 

A: Yes, the application also includes a half-day or day tours for small groups. 

Q: How do we know that they won't bring over bus loads of riders every weekend? 

A: The application is capped at 100 client days per year. If, for example, they ran a PMBIA Instructor and Guides training course, which consists of 3 days of training for 6 people, this would equal 18 of the 100 allotted client days.


Q: How is this monitored?

A: Endless Biking is required to provide annual reports to FLNRO and would provide annual numbers to CMBTA as well. 


Q: If another company wanted to apply for tenure in the future, could they do so if Endless Biking has tenure? Or could Endless Biking block this?

A: Any tenure holder for an area is notified if another group applies for tenure, however there is no provision for ownership or right of refusal at that level.  Only the governing body can grant tenure, and this also includes feedback from tenure holders, the community, First Nations, etc.  

Q: Would this tenure in anyway affect events like the Coaster or BC Bike Race? Can they shut these races down if they have tenure on the trails?

A: No, it would not affect any of the events on the Coast. 


Q: How does this benefit Sunshine Coast residents? 

A: In addition to tourism dollars, Endless Biking would also like to enter into an agreement with CMBTA to give back to the trails. This could come in the form of $ per rider, annual donation, support of trail days. 


Q: How do we know they won’t just say they will support the trails, but then never follow through?

A: Endless Biking is willing to formalize this deal, and review on an annual basis. If they fail to honour the terms laid out in the tenure application, they would lose tenure. 


Q: Why 30 years? This seems like a very long time? 

A: Endless Biking was instructed by the government and their environmental consultation company to apply for a 30 year tenure.

Q: Will they be using any trails they want, including hiking trails? 

A. Endless Biking says there is no plan to use any hiking primary trails, moto primary trails or sensitive areas that locals or clubs would like to identify.

Q: What trail networks will they be using?

A: Existing trails extending from Northeast of Gibsons to Northwest of Halfmoon Bay, including the popular trail network in Roberts Creek. The application area can be seen on Map 3 of the application. 


Q: What does the mention of “No Maintenance” in the application mean?

A: This is a reference to their application that is NOT asking to build or maintain trails. Endless Biking would not be changing any of the trails or doing maintenance, unless it was a part of a sanctioned trail day. 


Q: What does Endless Biking have to pay to the Provincial Government? 

A: They have to pay an application fee and annual fees to FLNRO. The Provincial Government also ensures that they are contributing in some way to local clubs. 


Q: Who decides if they will actually get tenure? 

A: This will be decided by The Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations & Rural Development  (FLNRORD). It’s a combination of comments provided by current Stakeholders (who already have tenure) as well as the public, all clubs and any other trail users that provide feedback. Ultimately FLNRO will make a decision on the matter.

Q: I’ve seen what looks to be other Mountain Bike tours taking place on our trails. Do they have tenure?

A: Anyone operating tours, coaching or holding events for profit requires a temporary permit or ongoing tenure. 

Q: How do I contact Endless Biking if I have additional questions?

A: It is best to contact Darren Butler, one of the owners @ 604.836.2517 or darren@endlessbiking.com

Thank You, 

CMBTA Board of Directors