September 26, 2020

Sprockids Trail Captains Needed

Sprockids Trail Captains Needed

Sprockids Volunteers Needed!

As you know, CMBTA and SCRD entered into a partnership agreement in 2019 towards the cooperative management and maintenance of Sprockids. Under the terms of this agreement, CMBTA has agreed to maintain the trails in the area.

CMBTA is currently in the process of formalizing a maintenance plan. If you spend time in Sprockids, and are willing to keep an eye on a few trails, we’d greatly appreciate if you’d sign up to be a trail captain! Please see below for more details:

Sprockids Trail Captains

Role: To monitor and do minor maintenance on designated trails within Sprockids

Essential Elements

  • Inspect 2 or 3 trails bi-monthly (You can choose the trails if you like)
  • Do light pruning, clear trail of light debris and pick up litter
  • Make sure trail signage (coming soon) is in good order
  • Submit reports and advise Sprockids Trail Directors on condition of trails and any maintenance (beyond clearing and debris) that is needed
  • No fixed term, help for as long as you would like

If you find yourself in Sprockids once or twice a month, and would be willing to help us with this, please email us at

Thank You

Sprockids Trail Directors

Larry Issac
Jeremy Clement