Board Roles and Responsibilities

The Roles and Responsibilities of a Director

The board of directors are the decision makers behind the association’s direction and policy. The directors are responsible for planning the future of the association, as well as managing its day-to-day operations. The directors work closely with local stakeholders and policymakers, including local, and provincial governments, local businesses, and tourism. Directors should expect to set aside a reasonable amount of time to complete their duties (10 – 20 hours per month) and be committed to the organization and serve their entire term (1 year minimum). The board will meet on a monthly basis and the executive will hold at least one additional meeting per month.

Board Positions (Max of 11)

President (Executive)
Vice President (Executive)
Secretary (Executive)
Treasurer (Executive)
Director at Large ‍

Board roles and responsibilities

Serve as the face of the association and build strong relationships with local partners·      
Lead the board of directors in performing its duties and responsibilities·      
Act as Chair for all meetings or delegate the role to Vice President·      
Spearhead unique projects in partnership with other directors·      
Help manage organizational strategy

Vice President·      
Assume role of the President when the president is absent ·      
Support other directors in carrying out their tasks when required·      
Assist with the creation of subcommittees and serve on those committees when needed.  

Act as official record keeper of the organization·      
Prepare monthly meeting agenda and minutes·    
File annual BC Society report and ensure the organization remains in good standing.·      
Supervise and administer the organizations electronic and paper files·      
Create and maintain an up-to-date board planning calendar ·      
Maintain a full contact list of board members including board member appointment dates, term of appointments and board member bios.

Oversee the financial condition and affairs of the association consistent with the Societies Act, CRA regulations and good management principles·      
Prepare and present budget and financial statements·      
Support the Director - Fundraising with grant proposal writing·      
Manage the logistics of the Society bank accounts
Disburse all payments in a timely fashion
Chair Finance Subcommittee  

Director at Large
Serve on at least 2 sub-committees.
Attend trail day(s)
Support other directors in their roles and provide support at special events.
Host/Co-host/Manage a trail day.
Attend quarterly meetings and sub-committee meetings.

SUB-COMMITTEES - Click Here if you're interested in a Sub-Committee.

Marketing and Communications
Develop, implement and evaluate the annual communication plan      
Act as the first line of communication with the public and media            
Manage website and all social media sites and monitor engagement with the community·      
Look for new opportunities to create promotional material to increase club revenues and drive organization awareness

Grants and Fundraising
Oversee all grant and fundraising activities·      
Work with executive to ensure the fiscal health of CMBTA·      
Identify funding opportunities, and secure new and returning sponsors and funders·      
Research and complete grant applications and sponsorship packages·      
Support other funding/donation initiatives (e.g. database development, campaigns)


Organize and coordinate the short-term and long-term construction, maintenance and risk management of local trails·    
Create and implement an annual trail maintenance and management program including budget·      
Coordinate trail builder volunteers and trail day logistics alongside Director of Volunteers ·      
Communicate trail issues to the Board of Directors
Chair Trails Subcommittee  

Volunteers and Membership·      
Assist with volunteer recruitment, retention and communication·      
Ensure that all necessary paperwork & fee payment is completed for members·      
Ensure that volunteers and members receive recognition·      
Communicate with other directors on needed volunteer services·      
Assist and support with the execution of programs and events as needed.  

Manage all advocacy activities of the association
Work with local landowners, stakeholders, governments, clubs and riders to open opportunities for mountain biking·      
Liaise on new build projects as needed·      
Work closely with Trails Director to manage trail development  

MOU Trail reporting -Sprockids
Ensure we deliver on the MOU requirements.
Report to local landowners, stakeholders, governments, clubs and riders to open opportunities for mountain biking.
Liaise on new build projects as needed.
Work closely with Trail Sub-committee to manage trail maintenance.