How long is membership good for?

Your Membership is good for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Becoming a member means that you care about the trails! Your membership dues:

  • Fund the purchase of materials, tools, and equipment for our volunteer trail days and trail builders

  • Fund labour costs for some trail building projects

  • Insure you for participation in CMBTA events such as trail maintenance days

  • Trail building opportunities

  • Voting rights for the Board of Directors at our Annual General Meeting hosted each year

  • Engage with Land Managers to help support and invest in the trail network.

  • Purchase insurance that allows the CMBTA to conduct activities for our members and host trail days.


  • Youth (18 and under): $20 + processing fee

  • Adult: $50 + processing fee

  • Family: $100 (covers 2 adults and 2 youth). Each additional youth - $20.  + processing fee