August 26, 2020

August 2020 Update

August 2020 Update


Thank you to everyone that donated during Trail Karma Month in July! We really appreciate all of the support to help maintain our trails. There is a list of all donors on our homepage.


Out riding the trails regularly and notice sections of trail that could use some work? Let us know by emailing Our board will keep record of all maintenance needed and let volunteers know what needs to be fixed. If you want to help with maintenance please get in touch with us over social media or by email. There has been a lot of traffic on the trails this summer, the more help the better!  


We are very excited to announce we will be hosting a trail day September 13th with Covid-19 protocols in place. More info coming soon.


We recently met with Matt Young from BC Wildfire Service and the SCRD. In the next couple of months, Matt and his team will be doing a walk through the trails to assess the danger trees. Once this is done, and wildfire season slows down, they will be going in and trimming/falling all those trees. We will likely need members to help with this by closing off all entrances to the trails for the day. Once the date is planned we will reach out for volunteer help.


A number of the trails have now been mapped and inventoried. This list is now with RSTBC awaiting approval. As soon as they give us the go ahead, we will get out there and start putting the signs in. Thank you for your patience with this.


Meghan Molnar has stepped into the position of Secretary and Kendra Zegers has stepped into Marketing and Communications. Thanks very much to Meghan and Kendra for making this commitment. We currently have an opening on the Board for Director of Volunteers and Membership. If you would like to join the board please get in touch with us at Some of the duties of the role include:

--Assist with volunteer recruitment, retention and communication
--Coordinate volunteer participation in association events
--Monitor and maintain membership database
--Remain in contact with our member base
--Monthly board meetings

Thank You,

CMBTA Board of Directors