June 10, 2020

Position on Tenure Application

Position on Tenure Application

The CMBTA sent in this letter on our position regarding the Endless Biking Tenure Application

The Coast Mountain Bike Trail Association (CMBTA), a registered non-profit society dedicated to protecting and promoting mountain bike access on the southern Sunshine Coast, is in support of this tenure application.

Our Association appreciates that Endless Biking has followed the proper procedures before commencing commercial operation on the Sunshine Coast. Our association agrees with the cap on client days per year (100) and believes there will be benefits to our community from both the tourism and training operations in the application.
CMBTA is also supportive of both the safety plan and the environmental values in the application. Endless Biking has shown a willingness to work with CMBTA and other user groups in the area to ensure their chosen trails align with community interests. In addition, they have taken initiative with CMBTA to see how they can best support CMBTA and the local trail network.

CMBTA supports this application and trusts that Endless Biking will work in conjunction with our association on the Sunshine Coast.